Strategic Partners

Center For Systems Management, Inc (CSM) is preferred by commercial companies and government agencies that seek to create and sustain an effective project management culture. Their clients range from medium-size companies to industry leaders such as Chiron, GTE, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, Nasa, Nortel, and Whirlpool. Key to their success and project success, is their proprietary process, supported by visual models, that spans the project management and system engineering disciplines.

PRICE Systems was founded in 1975, and is the developer of the first commercially available parametric estimating models for use in government and industry. Originally developed by RCA for use internally to cross-check bottoms-up project estimates on projects such as the Apollo Program, the PRICE parametric models proved more cost effective, accurate and reliable than other methods. The first users of the PRICE Models outside of RCA included the US DoD; NASA and other government agencies. Together, Holagent and PRICE provide the Military/Aerospace Industries with the systems engineering and CAPE expertise that they need.