The Life Cycle Management Experts

The Life Management Experts

Holagent Corporation provides the leading software and process for Systems Engineering and Life Cycle Management. Since 1987, the software, consulting and support services we provide have played a pivotal role in helping large companies assess the risk inherent in the design and implementation of their complex systems. Holagent has deployed its software and expertise to assist in the systems design of many of the world’s most complex systems. We excel at capturing what is understood about a given system and then fostering the growth of our customer’s comprehension and knowledge. This increased understanding of the system gives rise to better solutions which are produced in a timely fashion at an economical cost. Such solutions incorporate less risk and increase the prospects of success for any complex project.


Ascent Logic Corporation originally provided applications to the aerospace and defense industries. The complex systems of command and control, space exploration, satellite communications, and missile systems benefited from the use of our flagship RDD-100® product line and our superior consulting and training services. Recently this technology was acquired by Holagent and has been increasingly applied to complex problems in commercial markets, including:

  • Enterprise modeling for large corporations
  • Life Cycle Management for commercial products
  • Complex commercial systems

The Systems Engineering solution provides for an enterprise level view of product and process dependency on supporting technologies relating to product design and full life cycle management. This information combined with metrics for correction activities is used to provide optimized plans for the enterprise’s response to customer and market requirements . The product uses this enterprise level approach to mitigate the risks that could less than optimal design, customer satisfaction and adherence to agreed upon product requirements . The fundamental premise underlying these applications is the absolute necessity of comprehending and managing the complex inter-relationships of the systems within systems. Our systems engineering based technology provides that capability.


Our technology combines our leading-edge object-oriented software, our application-specific consulting teams and our proven process for working with the complexity of systems, with our openness to partnering with others to help create the best solutions for our customers. Our sophisticated and mature RDD-100® software products are used for systems design automation. The products are used by multi-disciplinary teams to design, manage, analyze, specify, track, verify, and document systems. Systems designers can clarify their customer’s requirements and automate the process of translating those requirements into verified specifications and designs. The classic application of our technology supports system designers and managers on projects who have to deal with many different people and thousands of facts and details. Our technology benefits these projects by:

  • Aiding in information definition, cross indexing and traceability
  • Assisting in the design decision, expression and verification process
  • Facilitating controlled, inter-group communication
  • Facilitating multiple engineering disciplines interaction as they develop a common system description with a shared data model


The most important part of this technology is our experienced staff that provides consulting, training, and service to our customers. Our consulting group is composed of experts in the different complex applications our customers experience. We find that the best way to tackle any complex problem is to have the leadership of someone who has done it before.


Holagent Corporation is led by experienced business professionals who are well versed in many of today’s most complex technologies.

Dan Kummet – President and CEO
Mr. Kummet joined Ascent Logic in 1992 as a principal consulting engineer and was later promoted to Vice President of Training and Consulting. In this position his responsibilities included the implementation of processes to migrate product and methodology specification and the management of international consulting and teaching staff, as well as the integration of product release goals. He also redefined the training goals to provide deliverables to customers which reflected the current technology. Having spent more than two decades in the consulting business, Mr. Kummet understands the needs and the quality that customers expect. He then served as Vice President of Marketing and began the evolution of the company to become market and customer driven. Prior to ALC he was the CEO and founder of two successful software companies.


Holagent offers a systems engineering and re-engineering approach in solving the complexity of systems problems and life cycle management issues. The methodology, process and tool-suite has been tailored to address the special problems associated with large systems design and ongoing support and maintenance. Major corporations throughout the world continue to validate solutions with large investments in our technology. We in turn provide our customers with a unique set of products, consulting and customer services which return real value on the most complex and critical challenges they face.

Our Values

Customer Service – In our business, Customers come first. We will provide value through access to Systems Engineering technology & Customer Support to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Quality – To achieve customer satisfaction, the quality of our work must meet the highest standards – those of our customers.

Business Partnership – By developing a partnership with our customers, we share the responsibility for satisfying their business objectives.

Ethics – We will conduct business in an ethical, legal and socially responsible fashion.